I Love Myself More

I lived for a while And realized I love myself more. More than the madness around me. I love myself more. I have learned to put myself first When it comes to loving ME. To loving my origins. To loving the essence of my self. I learned to be the first to love me. So […]

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I am refinery and I am rebirth,
And I am also scorching pain.

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You Were

You were my place Of comfort, Of rest, Of trust. My oasis in life’s desert, My go to confidant, My right hand guy, My second and third opinion, My close friend. You were. But the times have changed And you are no longer my place. You have managed to make a place without me. I […]

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Stolen Land

Right now, In this moment, I feel grounded. As in I can feel the ground beneath my feet The way it makes way for my existence Cradling itself between my toes Warming up underneath me. Right now, I feel grounded. As in connected to the land As in intertwined destinies on this land On land […]

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If you can breathe in the cool night sky And exhale it, You have tasted the breath of God. And for a second, When I was with you, I wanted to breathe Take the deepest breath and breathe. Cause you were the darkest night You were the dream and the reality You were the most […]

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She Wakes Up With the Sun

She wakes up with the sun She dances with the stars in her eyes She holds the universe Her universe In her arms And the universe smiles back at her She wakes up with the sun. And no matter how bright the sun shines She shines brighter Glows brighter Burns brighter Much brighter Than any […]

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The Likes of You

I cannot bring myself to find you And tell you How low I think of you Or the likes of you. I am not even filled with hate for your kind I am just repulsed by the likes of you. The lying, irresponsible, absent, Immature, compromising, weak, Without a backbone, trash, pathetic, Unapologetic, fake, pitiful, […]

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