I Love Myself More

I lived for a while
And realized
I love myself more.
More than the madness around me.
I love myself more.
I have learned to put myself first
When it comes to loving ME.
To loving my origins.
To loving the essence of my self.
I learned to be the first to love me.

So now,
I love me to the moon and back,
I love me up and down – all around.
I love myself Black.
I love myself African.
I love myself Tanzanian.
I love myself Sukuma.
I love myself despite.
I love myself right.
I love myself in ways only I can.
I love that,
I am my own #MCM and #WomanCrush
‘Cause I know the force within me is worth crushin’ on,
Trippin’ and tumblin’ for,
Leavin’ you speechless and biting your lip for,
Toes curling, back arching, moaning deep for.

I adore me, #WC-Me.
And all the femininity and fire inside me.
And honestly,
Ain’t no man gone love me like me,
Ain’t no woman gone cherish me like me,
Ain’t no one gone appreciate me like me.
So come take a seat over here,
And watch self-love emanate from me.
Watch the light you cannot see burst through me.
I put away my old ways of thinking, so you can see this,
I love myself.
I love myself more.

Cause I saw tomorrow with my minds eye.
And tomorrow said,
“Love yourself today.
The people who love you may be few,
But make sure you’re one of them.”


Tracy Eric Writes… About loving the self – embracing who you are before anyone else does.


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