You Were

You were my place
Of comfort,
Of rest,
Of trust.
My oasis in life’s desert,
My go to confidant,
My right hand guy,
My second and third opinion,
My close friend.
You were.

But the times have changed
And you are no longer my place.
You have managed to make a place without me.
I am out of place when I am with you.
I am a stranger.
No longer welcome at the banks of your oasis,
I am the left hand
You only use me when you need something.
I am Robin,
The ever forgotten sidekick.
You pushed me to the side
And kicked me away.
I am the baby in the bathwater.
Thank you for misplacing me
For I can now wander in peace
Traipsing the planet for another oasis.


Tracy Eric Writes… an ode to old friends.


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