The Likes of You

I cannot bring myself to find you
And tell you
How low I think of you
Or the likes of you.
I am not even filled with hate for your kind
I am just repulsed by the likes of you.
The lying, irresponsible, absent,
Immature, compromising, weak,
Without a backbone, trash, pathetic,
Unapologetic, fake, pitiful,
Insufficient, unsatisfactory, distressing,
Inadequate, sad, deplorable…
Likes of you.

I don’t even need to look for you cause
I know where to find the likes of you
Bottom feeding in the bottom of the sea
Notorious for living in the dark,
Claiming you once saw a light
With your arms raised high
Tears in your eyes
Standing in the congregation
Believing the lies you created
About a Creator that cannot be understood
And you stand there
Strumming four strings
Claiming to be “Spiritual”
Calling out Father, Father
While you gave up the right to be called father
And to call yourself a man
And to walk out with the multitudes
And to pat yourself in the back
And to believe that you believe
That you minister!
Not to the masses
But to your selfish soul.

And how aweing it is that you can deny your own
And hold your tongue
At the same time
Only the likes of you would understand
Only the likes of you would call you a man.
And yes, I know where to find the likes of you
Protected under the guise of hyper-masculinity
And strongly guarded by the blanket of tradition
But you don’t fool me
You weak excuse of a man
Coddled by a society that accepts your mistakes as fact
And punishes hers as sin
You do not fool me
You bottom feeding human
Who cannot stand for yourself
Who leans on your own understanding
Who will wait 4 years for your conscience to catch up
You do not fool me
Not you, nor the likes of you.


Tracy Eric Writes… of more cowards, and men who serve more as sperm donors than fathers. #IssaDissTrack


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