If You Were A Color

If you were a color you’d be grey.
Cold and without feeling
Not majestic enough to be black
Not bold enough to be white
Not nearly interesting enough to fit anywhere else on the color spectrum.

So grey you are
Cold and alone, in the masses
Standing with many
Just gathering Losses
Thinking you know what color is
When all you’ve ever known is darkness
So my light intrigues you
My light intimidates you
My light causes you to reach out into the darkness
And grasp for the unknown
My light fascinates you
So much so you had to fabricate your own.
But your light is a lie
It is where untrue comments go to die
And if your light had a color
It too would be grey
The color of whispers and secrets
The sign of wear and tear
The shade of cowardly fear
Grasping for glimpses of truth within the darkness of your ignorance
You and your fake light begging truth for one more chance.

Yet that truth evades you
Yet that truth neglects you
Yet that truth forgets you
Yet that truth is not concerned with you
Cause that truth is nothing like you hoped for
That truth is piercing
That truth is loud
That truth is unapologetic
Raises its middle finger up
At your ignorant muck
And doesn’t give a fuck.
That truth is beyond you
That truth is unconcerned.
Your concern only bothers you
So that truth pities you
That truth knows what you don’t,
You are blind to what you think you know
Cause the truth is
You don’t know.

So yes, if you were a color
You’d be grey
The shade of lead and uncertainty
Like an overconfident, unprepared middle schooler, shading C
Like a petty poet throwing shade, see?
Like an unknown contact on WhatsApp
Which you probably are
Like the sight of blurry vision from afar
Like the ash from my ashtray
Burnt out each day
Representing only what was
Never what is
Never what will be
That’s too much color for your shade of grey.

So, if you WERE a color
You would be grey
The color of whispers I never hear.
But you’re not a color
You’re just another whisper behind a friend’s ear.


Tracy Eric Writes… Of cowards that find comfort in whispered alternative truths.


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