Bullets and Kisses

“Like bullets and kisses you fuck me up”

And so there we were,
Gun in his hand and passion in his eyes
I could tell there was a war in his soul
Passion and pleasure, warring within his self
Like oil and water, earth and fire,
The struggle for possession of space between elements so unlike each other.
Like bullets and kisses.
He kissed me.

And so there we were,
Silence in the room and passion in my eyes,
My eyes on the prize, another kiss, his goodbye in disguise,
I knew he was gonna do it, I read between the lines.
But then I felt the disparity between his sanity and clarity, in his eyes
I felt the tension and release within his body as he lay between my thighs, and I can tell you, like Bullets within kisses, like a puzzle without it’s pieces.
He was not gonna do it.

That coward!
The windows to his soul betrayed him,
With tears of cowardice, that rendered him powerless
The windows to his soul betrayed him.

And so with his hand trembling on the trigger
I lifted his gun to my head,
And didn’t wait for the war within him to end.

And. I. Pulled. The. Trigger.

Within that second, when that bullet kissed my flesh,
When metal and skin united,
For that split second,
As pain and relief beckoned,
As my mind and body reasoned
Between my sanity and death,
That second.
As with the way of bullets
And as with the way of kisses,
I let myself feel it.
I let myself feel.

And so like bullets and kisses you fuck me up.

Like a thorny rose you hold me up
As I pierce through your flesh
Blood dripping from your hands
You look me dead in the eyes
‘Cause we just died together.
And there is no reason to cry
There’s no reason to cry.

You set me free.

Your bullet was my kiss,
And that is how we said goodbye.

Tracy Eric Writes… About a toxic love.



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