Dear Mama Africa

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Dear Mama Africa,
You are a mother to many peoples,
Near and far you have birthed entire nations.
You are the cradle of civilization,
You are the source of so much heritage,
Yet somehow some of us have managed to overlook all that,
To overlook who you are to us.
I want to correct that Mama Africa.

Dear Mama Africa,
You are loved.
You probably don’t know it Mama,
We don’t show or say it much.
That is our fault, we owe you so much.
We should do more for you.
I want to do that.

In all honesty Mama Africa,
You inspire me.
Possibly no one else has seen what you have,
Or endured like you have.
You have let your people go,
And you have welcomed them back again with open arms.
You are brave Mama, you are strong Mama.

I am in awe of you Mama Africa,
Look at how diverse you are!
How culturally sound you are!
How rooted you are!
How united you are!
How unique you are!
You are nothing less than that Mama.

Dear Mama Africa,
Remember that time when they called you dark?
Remember that time when they took behind your back?
Remember that time when…?
Remember no more.
Start afresh Mama, you can Mama, rise from the ashes Mama.

Dear Mama Africa,
You are not perfect, if anything, you are flawed.
The world is aware of this,
They are and will continue to use this against you,
Don’t let that stop you.
Inspire, improve, be better.
Capitalize on your flaws,
Make them something the world can consider beautiful,
Even with your imperfections you are a powerhouse!
Seriously Mama Africa, inspire, improve, be better.

Dear Mama Africa,
You are beautiful!
You are colorful and you are vibrant.
You are curvaceous, you are firm!
You are mother nature’s sister.
Don’t let anyone tell you different.
Your conditions might be harsh, but that is one of your highlights,
You are a breathtaking beast Mama.
You are fierce Mama Africa.

Dear Mama Africa,
I love how you are so driven!
How you are so passionate,
How you dare to dream despite the circumstances.
How you encourage all of us to do better,
To BE better. You are amazing Mama Africa.
Hopefully, one day we can make you proud.

Dear Mama Africa, thank you.


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