After The First ‘Hello’

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I have to admit that it all started with a smile.
A cheerful smile.
That enthusiastic first ‘Hello’.
Thinking, ‘I want to know you some more’
Making an effort to not make an effort,
Trying to score that first impression,
Observing your expression, as I,
‘Nice to meet you’ in an effortless voice of seduction.

Another smile.
All the while, thinking ‘My God! When did you make a man so fine!’
Unable to tame the 43 muscles in my face.
Another smile.

Yes that’s how it started,
A smile and your name.
Saying ‘how unique’ as I shared my name.
Playing it cool, like it was all a game.
Praying to God that I see you again.

But a couple of events down the road,
I see you and my 43 muscles do that thing again,
I smile.
All the while, the heart in my chest getting harder to tame.
Only to find that, you don’t remember my name.

I cannot blame you for I have done that before,
I have forgotten names, after the first ‘hello’.
With people,
I have learned it’s great to meet,
But it is better to know.
Because most people don’t remember your name,
After the first ‘Hello’.
Not anymore.


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