Her Point of View

Can anybody hear her?
Her screams, and her pain?
The whip is falling heavy on her back,
Like the first thick drops of rain.
She wishes they can hear her cries for mercy, and the silence of merciless discipline.
She wishes the whip would not fall again, on the same spot that it had last been.
She wishes atleast, not to hear the intensity of her own scream.
But she does.
She hears it all.
She feels it all.
The whip, followed by her scream.
Over and over, again and again.
Like a broken record,
And there is no one to blame.

Her POV:
I once trusted him
For he was made for me.
We were supposed to work together,
we were supposed to be.
Because ours was a perfect union,
one of peace and democracy.
But somewhere along the way,
We became independent of each other,
And as a result, we lost each other
Or rather, I lost him.
What was once a systematic relationship,
Became a disorganized, corrupt, one-sided dictatorship.
Each one ridiculously trying to overpower the other.
At the same time lengthening the distance between us, further and further.
Not even realizing that we are nothing without each other!
We cant survive without each other.
That there is not one without the other.
There is no hurting one, without scarring the other.

But now he has found me.
After the mess we created of what we used to be,
I thought this would be the part where he runs to me,
Hugs me, and walks me into the sunset like the movies.
The part where he forgives the prodigal wife,
And vows his unity to her for life.
But no, being who he is, that is not so.
He only takes me home, so I can realize my wrong
And after that, I slowly realize that to every mistake there is a consequence.

At this moment he whips me,
Punishing me for he knows no other way.
It is his way of trying to bring back the systematic way we worked.
But I know that won’t happen.
Because he was created for a perfect woman,
And I am a broken one.
That is the reason why we cannot work together now,
But in time, who knows?
After all, I am Society, and he is The System.

Tracy Eric writes… about the system


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