I Am Naked

From the top of my head to the soles of my feet
From the intricate curve of my lips to where my upper body and limbs meet
From the elaborate structure of my face to the steady rhythm of my heartbeat
This is the creation of The Creator who made me, who in His very nature will bear impairment to make me complete.

But look at me! This is what I have become
I look at my reflection once, twice, I want to run!
The image before me is basked by a light brighter than the sun
Yet at the same time embraced by a darkness where my former glory begun.

I look at my husband, he is next to me
Adam lying there in sheer stupor, with his magnificent beauty, unaware of this new reality that he will soon see
I cannot look any more because I feel shame come over me
I feel that darkness gaining territory over my being.

What we have just done sounded harmless enough
I threw away the heap of warnings given to me, claiming it was all a bluff
I listened to the soft voice of curiosity, desire, and a serpent’s running mouth
Now here I am wondering whether or not I should I should run for my life!

I see it, but I cannot believe it!!
The light is leaving my husband too!
I can see the darkness creeping up on him, like a faded image come into view
I can see him wake up, his consciousness coming through
Oh Adam! What have I done to you!

I hope you haven’t noticed
Maybe it is a dream and you will wake up in the heart of Eden
Maybe you will be pardoned as a victim in all this
Maybe The Creator will pardon me eventually without getting even.

But here he is, my Adam, wide awake
Looking at me with those eyes, blaming me for this sin we have committed, this… this mistake
He grimaces at his chest where his rib was removed to be mine… there is ache
I have caused ache to the flesh of my flesh for what sake!

I do not want to see his face when he realizes the depth of this situation
I need to leave, cover myslef, and hide because of my desolation
Because I know I have demolished The Creator’s perfect creation
Because I realize after this, there won’t be a mother of nations.

I remember now the words The Creator stated
When He clothed us in the nude, natural, and bare glory He invented
Now I understand when He said we would surely die if the fruit from the forbidden tree was ever tasted
The nude, natural, and bare glory I wore has been replaced with a shame I had not expected.

Now I understand it all, for I am truly naked.

I am naked in my soul I feel dirty, unworthy, and foul
I am naked! Oh, my flesh! I have to cover it all!
My robe of glory is no more and soon all of humanity will call this state man’s fall.


Years later I still remember as The Creator was walking towards us
He was calling our names, asking for us
He was seeking fellowship as we covered ourselves with twigs and grass!
We hid like cowards from The Creator fearing to face His wrath

But the urge to answer our Creator’s call was strong
It was time Adam and I faced Him, we had really been hiding from Him for too long
Then suddenly Adam blurted, this woman you put here has caused me to do this wrong
In panic I also blurted, I am naked O Creator; it was because I was deceived by the serpents’ song!

The Creator then asked us, “Where have you been Adam, and Eve who told you that you are naked?”
I replied to The Creator, “It was the serpent who gave me the fruit we tasted.”
And Adam replied, “Creator, we did not want You to see us naked so we covered ourselves the best we can.”
Then The Creator turned and said, “Oh Adam, oh Eve, what is this that you have done?”

The Creator looked at us, and there was pain in His face
A pain like as if He had seen the consequence of our mistake in another place
My husband and I we did not understand the depth of of His pain because The Creator was looking through time and space
He then whispered to Himself a word that we did not know neither had we ever heard.

He whispered Grace.

It was on this day that The Creator punished the serpent and I Eve, the woman
Then He punished Adam, my husband, the man
He clothed us in skin garments and whispered into our ears
“One day, I will clothe you in the glory you once wore. One day, your souls will NOT be naked.”

By: Tracy (2013)

Tracy Eric Writes… Creative Compositions


3 thoughts on “I Am Naked

  1. Morning. Hey! I was still at TWWP.com! Didn’t know Tracy could write in this calibre! Its amazing!-readable,and captivating too. Thank God its morally decent as well. Many applauds to her and I say we may soon be reading her block buster novels in the near vicinity! Let me bgin to think of her commercial author name. Agartha Christie? Ha ha ha I’ll settle for Tracy Archer!

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