Tell My Bride

My Bride Why have you forgotten me?
I, who created your being
Why have you replaced me
With pleasures and worldly things?
Have you forgotten my wife
I purchased you with my very life!
The passion of my love for you,
The depth of my devotion to you,
Never changing, remained true.

Someone tell my Bride!
**Warn her before it’s too late,
She who preaches to love herself,
When I commanded her to hate.
She who prays for her will,
But does not seek mine.
She who claims to be my servant,
Yet demands that I serve.
She who cries out for answers,
But will not listen.
She who demands healing,
But will not seek me in sickness.
She who indulges her every whim,
Yet allows my least to suffer.
She who is quick to raise the sword,
But slow to drop to her knees.
She who chases her dreams,
While forgetting my call.
She who raises her skirts to the world,
While ignoring my call to holiness**
She who claims she is yielded, Yet yielded isn’t the same as broken.

My Bride I have cherished,
I have called to her,
Though she hasn’t answered,
My love for her isn’t tarnished.
Inform her,
There will be a war for her,
A great battle to tear us apart.
Tell my Bride I have fought,
Tell her I have won,
Though the battle goes on,
This war I haven’t lost.
Tell my Bride I will fight for her,
And I will fight again,
Tell her there is more to love,
Than flimsy pleasures, unsustained.
Tell her I have not forgotten her,
Or her name.
Tell her she can cry out for answers,
She can raise her sword,
She can chase her dreams,
But remind her, I am the word,
If she keeps close to me,
She will never raise that sword.
Tell her before it’s too late!
Tell her before my wrath will punish my mate!

Tell her!
Tell her that punishment awaits,
The unrepentant soul,
That at the end of the race,
Her detour won’t benefit at all.
Tell my Bride!!
Tell her!
I have given her a glorious promise,
But she has allowed worldly thinking,
To turn that to worldly glory.
Yet that will not change the ending to this story.
For if she turns to me and repents,
I will change her robes,
And bathe her in exotic scents,
I will give up my pride,
And claim her again, as my Bride.
I love my Bride!
I have sacrificed all, and can do it again!
Tell her that, but don’t just ‘tell her’, Show her,
Show my bride of my love.
For truth is not in what you say,
Rather, in what you do.
Yours truly, TheGroom.

**excerpt included from Fire of Heaven by Bill Myers

Tracy (2012)

Tracy Eric Writes…. romance


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