I Pledge Allegiance to The King

I pledge allegiance to my Godly Father,
And to those He has kept as authority over me.
I pledge my loyalty to Him who created my being and all other things,
I pledge allegiance to the King.

I pledge allegiance to the King.
The King who I recognize as Christ,
The King who saved my life by being a living sacrifice,
The King who knew, that only He could pay the final price.

Today I publicly and boldly declare,
That this King, Jesus Christ, is my Lord and my Master.
I now know that He died to make me an heir,
That only He is God, and there is no other.

As I continue to run the Christian race,
I believe in His Word, and in His existence.
I am humbled to be the subject of His grace,
The grace that proved His mercies are not limited by any distance.

I pledge allegiance, not only to the King, but also to His Kingdom,
I shall place all matters of the Kingdom as first and high priority.
My life is His, for His using and His taking, for He is my freedom.
I will keep His Word in my heart, for His Word is my authority.

I pledge allegiance to the Kingdom’s law.
I promise to abide in it not only as a citizen of this Holy realm, but also as a citizen of my country Tanzania,
I pray that one day your Kingdom may come into the hearts of every citizen in this nation,
That together we may rejoice in the goodness of Your law.

For the King, when I am needed, i’ll be there,
When He withholds the answers for my good, I’ll be patient,
When He asks me to be still, I will know that He is there,
When He asks me to learn, I will learn ’till I become proficient.

For the King, I am freed to serve,
I am filled to be emptied again,
For Him, I will be loyal to the grave,For it is a privilege to be in His Kingdom everyday.

I promise to trust Him when I’m uncertain,
I promise to obey Him,
I promise to seek His Word again and again,
I promise to love Him, for it is because of His love that I am not the same.

In my darkest times, the King will give me light,
In my roughest road, He will make my heart want to sing.
Because of this, I will stick to the Kingdom, and abide in its law with all my might,
I pledge my uttermost fealty, as I pledge my allegiance to Jesus Christ, The King.

Tracy (2012)

Tracy Eric writes… Her Pledge of Allegiance.


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