The Artist

I am a masterpiece. Do you believe me? Maybe you don’t agree. But I’ll tell you why.

   I know of an Artist, One who creates. He is no ordinary Artist, for he does more than just paint. He carves and chisels a sculpture he makes. He draws and sketches, soft strokes of sharpened lead, marking on a canvass, an outline of a finished sketch.

   His pieces are exquisite, His work is explicit. His images are revealing, His sculptures inspiring. A Creator by profession, the only One you will find. An Artist so Holy divine, His works need time to define.

   He painted the earth with colors from His mind. He imagined our being at the beginning of time, yet He finished His masterpiece before time begun. He colored His pieces, with vast diversity, because He loves variety. He gave His pieces life, physical and spiritual, to show He is Almighty.

   But this Artist is not limited to only visual Art, He is a writer. The Author of life, Salvation, light, just to start. His genre is Holy, His words authentic. His letters are lexis of deep affection and love. In His book given to us to have, He writes of action and war, of thrillers, romance, and adventures. An author sublime, inspiring all the time. What an artist!

   This Artist is a builder. His home is a new Earth; His interior décor is out of this Earth. His roads are constructed of gold. His gates are made of pearls, His house of gems. Gems of His making, with colors unrevealed, and placed in his palace. His home, being made of gold, a sight definitely to behold, but not as much as the majesty, of His self-made throne! He lives like a King, not because He is just a king, but because He rules the Kings. Kingdom upon kingdom He builds, whilst at the same time our destinies He rules. The Lord of this artistry, the Architect of time, the Engineer of life, a Builder like none, an Artist Divine!

   This Artist has a passion for dance, beginning with the perfect stance. He danced with His first beings, in a garden perfect for kings. Even after His beings fell, He danced with them unaware. He moved with them throughout history, teaching them dances to praise Him. Salsa, tango, twist, and waltz. Hip hop contemporary, and break dance, to glorify Him alone.

   This Artist has a love for music. In the heavens, He is the Great Composer, a Musician that birthed Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. A choir of masses sings in His palace, with a synchronization of notes, unheard of, even in our thoughts. The rhythm of a melody, or the beauty of a harmony, the joy of a tune, sang in the morning or at noon, any composition of pure praise, is worthy of the Ancient of Days. As nature sings to Him, as angels sings to Him, as mankind sings to Him, His signature is marked in the music.

   I realize that this Artist is different, unlike any other. He creates the created, He relates with the unrelated, He redeems the unredeemable, and He makes a masterpiece from the discarded. He uplifts the forgotten, and reveals the unspoken. He replies the unanswered, to increase our knowing. He inspires the uninspired, and fulfills the unfulfilled. He hides what He plans to be hidden, and reveals what He decides to be revealed.

   This Artist is Powerful! Time worships Him, physics obey Him, science can’t explain Him, yet nature expresses Him. Words can’t describe Him and a dance can’t finish expressing him. A little of Him is marked in everything, all art comprehends this.

   He paints on an invisible canvass; the universe is a sign of that. He sprinkles stars to glitter on a black carpet, galaxies and planets to show off on this colorful blanket.

   This Artist that I know is my Creator. Do you believe me now when I say that I am a masterpiece? After seeing the kind of Artist that He is, I know I am a masterpiece, I know that YOU are a masterpiece. Not only that, but YOU are a perfect masterpiece, a masterpiece designed to be completed by Christ. Sure, you have some flaws, and these flaws can make you think that you are not perfect. But let me tell you this, because my Creator is perfect, you are perfect. Your flaws make YOU to be perfect, I like to say that I have perfect flaws, because I know of an Artist, a Creator, who perfects perfection!

   In my lifetime, I have seen, and heard a lot of artists. But I am proud to say that I have known none that is a Creator by profession. Meaning none have even scratched the surface, compared to…THE ARTIST.


Tracy Eric writes… creative compositions


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