I Left You in 2017

I left you in 2017. I packaged you like a bougie garbage bag Cause despite the memories you were still trash. I left you in 2017. Cause all the words I could write about you ran out Like water from a communal tap in Tandale. I left you in 2017. Cause in all honesty You […]

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Empty Glass

The other day I learned about the extension of self How one extends bits of their identity to the things they possess. The idea that you are your possessions. But you don’t have me in your heart. How empty you must be. I am like a pitcher of water for your heart of glass. You […]

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I write about you more than anything else. I have these intense feelings about you. That insist to be immortalized. That refuse to be just a thought, Lost in the depths of a bottomless subconscious. That refuse to be meaningless. I think about these feelings and I know it is not love, Yet I am […]

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Forget You

Show me where you go to forget me… Take me so I can forget you too. Tracy Eric Writes… About your situational amnesia.

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Ghost of Slipway Past

We used to go to Slipway Until we didn’t Now all I do Is watch you slip away Watch me slip Watch me fall Watch you find your way We used to go to Slipway Until we didn’t anyway.   Tracy Eric Writes… about the ghost of Slipway trips past.

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I dare you to stare with caution. Cause I am too much. Too much love, Too much strength, Too much heart, Too much light. And you don’t see it. But thank you for not seeing my light, It made me realize you a blind man anyway. And also thank you for underestimating my light. It […]

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She takes her men like her coffee. Hot, bodied, and a little bit expensive. She drinks her coffee…. Carefully. Cautious not to get burned. She likes her men like her cookies, Hard on the outside, Soft on the inside, Crumbling at the flicker of her touch Eager for her bite. She likes her men To […]

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